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Miss Rikki

(aka) Miss Rickenbacker

Hurricane Rikki - The Wild Child

The Regal Cat Cafe - Meow Foundation - January 20, 2023

For 10 days, I logged into Meow Foundation and read the adoption bio on Rickenbacker. I finally said - enough is enough - go a meet her - at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon. After I had messed around for 10 days, all of a sudden I was in a terrible panic. What if someone else takes her before I get home and submit the application?

I had a sleepless night waiting to hear from Meow Foundation but not to worry. Within 24 hours I was Rickenbacker's new mommy.

Miss Rikki Photo Album

Meet Rickenbacker

A Cat with a Guitar - It's in the Name

Dear Google. What the heck is a Rickenbacker? Well it turns out that it is a guitar made famous by John Lennan and the Beatles. I then realized that all the other cats at the Regal Cat Cafe up for adoption had musical, dance or entertainment names. OK. I guess that makes a "little bit" of sense - but no cat of mine will be called "Rickenbaker" - so Miss Rikki it is.

I've had three other cats.

Mr. Stanley: Stanley was a bottle baby. His mother disappeared when he and his siblings were 9 days old. We never did find out what happened to her but we were living on a farm then so there were many dangers for animals. The kittens were so beautiful, I brought them in and mothered them. They all survived. The end result was I was mommy and mommy could do anything. They were totally subservient. Stanley became a house cat and moved to town with us. I could open Stanley's mouth, give him a pill, clean his teeth, turn him upside down, cut his nails - anything I wanted. When I touched him he was like spaghetti in my hands.

Miss Kitty: Then along came Miss Kitty. She was not quite a amiable as Mr. Stanley but she was too much of a lady to make a fuss. She may not have "liked" what I was doing but she "tolerated" it - for a while. She was very trusting of me even when she was afraid. Biting or scratching absolutely never crossed her mind. Besides she was too dignified to lower herself to such uncivilized tactics.

Miss Snoop: My Juvenile Delinquent. I was on a downhill slide. Miss Snoop was my cat with an attitude. My Diva - the classic bad girl who did what everyone wanted to do and she had just enough guts to do it. I had no idea that cats could act like that - and I loved her with all my heart. I always said "three strikes" your out. What would my next cat be like?

Rickenbacker's Meow Foundation Information

  • Female, 1.1 years old
  • Short hair
  • Brown Tabby with White
  • Can be the only cat, or have a companion
  • Will thrive in any home, active and noisy to quiet

MEET ME AT REGAL CAT CAFE - If you adopt me, my 'Go Home' date is Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Rickenbacker is looking for a new position to start the new year - a family cat. To aid her in her search, she is holding interviews in the Kitty Kingdom at the Regal Cat Cafe. She may have been abandoned, but she is over it and ready to love again. If you would like to meet and speak with Rickenbacker, drop in for a coffee, some snuggles and purrs.

I found out that she was a stray from Taber, brought in to the Meow Foundation where she was spayed, given all her shots, cleared by the vet, and prepared for her introductions at the Regal Cafe in January. Apparently, she was already adopted once but then the people opted for another cat. I like to think she must have been waiting for me to come and get her.

February 1, 2023 - Go Home Day

Go Home Day

I was so anxious all day. I could hardly wait for the time to head to the Cafe - so I went early. I was the first to arrive, even before the Meow Foundation staff. After what seemed like an eternity (which was only about 3/4 hour), I headed out the door with my precious little cargo.

I wasn't sure what she would do once I opened the carrier. Would she hide? Would she be relaxed? Frightened? Curious? Would she settle in OK? I took her out of the carrier, carried her around the house, showed here where her litter was, showed her where her food was, put her on my bed and let her go.

Well she didn't hide! She paced, meowed, jumped on me, jumped off me, jumped on everything that she could find, knocked a few ornaments over and never - not once settled anywhere for more than 30 seconds. She attacked all her feather toys, and carried the mice around the house.

Bed Time

It was finally time to go to bed. I showed her the kiddy kat quilt at the end of the bed where I wanted her to sleep. Fat chance! Miss Rikki wasn't ready to go to bed - not at all. She must have jumped up and down from the bed at least a dozen times. She crawled on my head, wrapped her legs around it - and bit: not really a love bite but not quite hard enough to cause pain.

This nonsense continued all night. If i moved her away she just went to the other side of the bed and started over. It was impossible to sleep and finally at 6:30 I gave up and got up. There was a mouse on the bed with me. Did she really bring me a mouse? Aw, how adorable.

Then, of course, for the rest of the day, she slept. After all, it was an exhausting night!

February 6, 2023

Sleep Depravation

I'm totally worn out. I have had to finally shut the bedroom door at night to keep her out - which has caused hours of scratching at the carpet and door and banging against it. Eventually she gives up and heads for the kitchen counter that she's is well aware is a no--no. I guess just to serve me right.

Everything in a house is new to her and everything is worthy of inspection. It's like having a toddler around. So far she had climbed on places that I didn't know possible. Most of the lamps have taken a tumble. The dyson fan flew off the table when she decided to craw through the "O". She has discovered the squirrels and birds out the front window and loves to sit and watch them. The cat next door hasn't discovered her and come to the patio window to peer in. I wonder what will happen when she does come to visit?

Hmmm. Did I actually use words like precious and adorable? OK, a precious, adorable, tornado!

Rikki & Nomie

New Friend - Nomie

Rikki has slept in every conceivable place except in the cat tower that I specifically bought for her to use! The only thing she uses the tower for is to get at Nomie who is sitting on the chair. Toys are strewn around the house, there is a supply under my bed, and all she wants is Nomie!

Sleeping Quarters

With being shut out of the bedroom at night, Rikki has had to improvise. So far she is leaning toward the cedar chest (which means I have to cover the stack of quilts), kitchen table (which is totally embarrassing when company arrives) and couch (which is what a normal cat would use). She has found the back of the La-Z-Boy and seems to like the rocking. She plays in the bathroom sinks. I wonder what would happen if I turned on the water!! Isn't she sweet when she sleeps?

Settling down? Nope. Not yet!! She is still trying to figure out how to jump on to the cuckoo clock or how to get into the shower when the glass doors are closed (and I am in it).

She's not looking for the cat in the mirrors anymore and gave up trying to crawl up the quilt on the rocking chair. Everything else - she's persistent.

Sleeping Bag

Apparently any bag left open is fair game for nap time - especially if is quilted. It fits just perfectly.

The bag is my the Twisted Batiks Bag by Melon Patch Designs.  The blue pouch in the top of it is JoAnn's tin can.

February 7, 2023 - Vet Introduction

Miss Rikki hasn't figured out that the carrier is bad news. She went into it quite relaxed but she was a bit nervous as we drove to the vets.

However, once in the examination room, she became her rambunctious, inquisitive, totally undisciplined, disruptive self. We talked. She inspected everything. For once, it was the vet and nurses chasing in front of her removing obstacles (or behind her salvaging wrecks)!

She jumped on the scale all by herself - not to weigh herself - but to attack the little quilt on it. What are these cotton balls? Next was the used needle holder. That was promptly hidden in the cupboard - but wait! There's a cubby hole in that cupboard door through which she promptly jumped - right into the garbage bin. No problem. I'll just mess around in here for a while.

Catnip? Nope. Toys? No thanks. I prefer to blow through everything in sight - a tornado full speed ahead. All the nurses and staff came into the examination room to meet the new kid on the block and, of course, she was equally as happy to meet and play with all of them.

Let's Get Serious "Wild Child"

I have had three cats - a perfectly behaved Bottle Baby, a perfectly behaved Lady and a perfect but very bitchy Diva. Dr Clara labeled Miss Rikki my "Wild Child". Now it was time for the wild child to have her exam. Although Miss Rikki was quite cooperative tolerating the pokes and prods, it appeared her love for Dr. Clara was fading- fast!

Miss Rikki was not impressed with the nail cutting and it took a couple of tries to get through all 18 nails. She definitely did not appreciate the blood drawing which required at least 3 minutes of vigorous licking to put her fur back in order. The needle with the vaccination was the final straw! I want to go home NOW!

March 4, 2023 - Hurricane Rikki & The Cleaning Lady

Janet arrived and Miss Rikki was delighted to meet her. She greeted her at the door and even showed Janet her tummy. Then ...... she started her attack. First she inspected Janet's cleaning supplies bag. That fuzzy duster was definitely the first on the attack list. What fun that was until some of the fuzzy stuff got caught in her nose!!

One thing led to another and it wasn't long before we determined no cleaning would get done today if we didn't remove the problem from our cleaning path - "Hurricane Rikki".

We had to lock her in one room while we cleaned the rest of the house. She huffed and puffed and did all sorts or complaining until we finally let her out. Then, of course, because we were now in the room, she wanted back in. Our cleaning system is definitely going to change.

The Paper Terrorizer
Rikki has a hate on for toilet paper and paper towels. Nothing is safe. It needs to be ripped to shreds. I've had to turn the TP roll around on the spool so that it doesn't roll over the top but every once and a while she pulls from the bottom. She (more or less) is starting to ingore the TP on the roll, but every once and a while she just rips it to pieces. Same with the paper towel roll which by the way is on the the counter - the counter she is NOT supposed to be on. As for having a new pack of toilet paper on a shelf or leaving the under sink cupboard open - total distruction!

Balance Beam
There was a commotion going on in my bedroom - a whole lot of bangning going on - so I figured I better check it out. It wasn't until she meowed that I realized where she was. An easy jump from the dresser. Hi mommy - look what I can do! Simone has nothing on me!

And Sew we Sew
I gave you half the ironing board.
What's your problem?
I was having a heck of a time when I sewed. She attacked everything so I had to resort to drastic measures and spray her every time she came near the cutting board, ironing board, or my sewing machine. She didn't care. All I accomplished was to soak my fabric. Eventually, I firgured out that if I left her on the ironing board she would compromise and leave me alone. So far I haven't cut off her toes with the rotary blade or burned her with the iron. She behaves if I give her half the ironing board. Boy! Does she have me trained or what?

Off the Counter!!

Rikki knows she is not supposed to be on the counter. She simply doesn't care if she gets caught. I can say "get off the counter" and she runs back to the ironing board until I'm not looking.

Then, with just a little bit of attitude, she will put her paws or head on the counter - as if that doesn't really count as being on the counter. I swear she smiles at me when she knows she's being naughty!.

Just my paws!
Just my cheek!

Computer Cat
It didn't take Rikki long to figure out that I sit a lot at the computer. It also didn't take her long to figure out that if she tried to lay on the keyboard, I would kick her out but if she only put one foot on it, I might let her stay. As usual, she enforces a compromise on me.

"God made the cat in order to give man the pleasure of caressing the tiger."


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