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Row by Row™ Experience

The Ultimate Shop Hop

Row by Row™ Experience

Row by Row is like a shop hop but there are no fees and no cards to stamp. Over the summer you visit participating quilt shops in different cities and towns and receive a free pattern for a row in a quilt. You then combine your rows in any way to create a unique quilt that represents your travels throughout the summer. Row by Row Experience

Row by Row™ History

Row by Row Experience™ began in 2011 with 20 quilt shops across New York State. In 2012 the event grew to include 62 participating shops. In 2013 there were 138 shops throughout the New York and Pennsylvania. In 2014 over 1250 quilt shops participated in 34 states and Ontario.

2015 saw the biggest and best Row by Row Experience™ ever! All 50 states and several more Canadian provinces planned fun for travelers throughout the summer. It is estimated that 2016 will be even better. Although the quilt shops are organized by area, quilters have no borders. Yeah - Road Trip!!


2015 - Row by Row™

Row by Row - H2O - 2015

This is the first year that I'm participating in Row by Row. I think it is also the first year that Alberta is participating. I don't really need a reason to hop in my car and head out to nowhere, but I'm excited to have Row by Row to use an my legitimate excuse.

2015 Theme from Timeless Treasures

The 2015 theme is H2O featuring fun fabric coordinates by Debra Gabel for Timeless Treasures. I bought all the fabric plus a dark blue.

There is also a free Row by Row™ H2O coordinated Tote Bag pattern by Linda Turner Griepentrog. The bag is 14" wide x 16" high and 4" deep. 2015 Tote Bag Pattern.

2015 Fabric - H2O

Tater Patch Quilts. Merrill, Oregon - May 7, 2015

Although visiting this shop fell outside the official Row by Row timing, I consider this shop to be part of my 2015 experience simply because it was at this shop I first heard about Row by Row. I visited Tater Patch Quilts on May 7th and the ladies there gave me their license plate as a gift. Tater Patch Quilts

My Sewing Room, Calgary, Alberta - June 21, 2015

My Sewing Room is a shop I visit at least once a week. I purchased most of the H2O material there so I can at least guaranty I have the choice. There are two plates available from this shop - My Sewin' Room and Go'n Sew'n. That pretty well sums it up. My Sewing Room

Along Came Quilting, Calgary, Alberta - June 21, 2015

I consider myself pretty lucky to have two great shops within a stones throw of my home. Along Came Quilting is another shop I visit a lot. Their Fabric Plate says "Bobbin' Along". Along Came Quilting

Addie's Creative Fabrics, Cochrane, Alberta - June 27, 2015

Visiting Addie's was part of the agenda for our weekend quilt retreat. They treated us like royalty. Each member received a fat quarter and 15% off any purchases. Addie's doesn't have their license plates yet so I'll have to go back sometime over the summer. Addie's Creative Fabrics

That'll Do Quilting & Gifts
Sundre, Alberta - July 4, 2015

Carol and I took off on Saturday morning and did a five store shop hop. First on our list was That'll Do Quilting & Gifts. The family owned shop is on a farm in the community of James River Bridge 16 km north of Sundre. What a beautiful setting. Of course there is a man chair at the door - tested and approved by Carol. That'll Do Quilting & Gifts

Beaver Creek Mercantile, Caroline, Alberta - July 4, 2015

Next on the list was Beaver Creek Mercantile. This shop is also on a family farm about 2 1/2 miles southwest of Caroline. I found some beautiful Christmas flannel. It wasn't long before I had a whole bag full of fabric I don't need. Blame Carol - she's the one that has me hooked on rag quilts! Unlike me, Carol managed to buy hers from the sale rack. In addition to quilting, the shop has a delightful assortment of antiques and collectibles. Reluctantly, we headed on our way and promised ourselves we would visit again. If we don't force ourselves to keep moving, we will have a hard time completing the loop. Beaver Creek Mercantile

Purple KATZ Quilting, Parkland Beach, Alberta - July 4, 2015

After a stop in Bentley for lunch at the Cross-Eyed Giraffe and my silly purchase of a cabinet at Simply Country (to house my fat quarters of all things), we wound our way to the Summer Village of Parkland Beach on Gull Lake - home to Purple Katz Quilting. In addition to the Row by Row, I bought Oliver the Owl ADORNit pre-cut Appliqué Kit. I definitely need to learn appliqué. I also purchased the last licence plate. It's unbelievable how fast everything has moved with Row by Row. Add this to another store we want to visit again. Purple Katz Quilting

Prairie Points Quilt Shop, Ponoka, Alberta - July 4, 2015

We planned to visit the shop in Sylvan Lake but they were closed so we headed to Prairie Points Quilt Shop in Ponoka. This shop was unique. It was the first shop today that was actually a storefront - on a main street - in a Town. They had a lot of fabric and Carol was drooling over the racks of Kansas Troubles. In addition, Ponoka is in Cowboy Country and they have a large supply of western theme fabric. It was hard to keep going. Prairie Points Quilt Shop

* Unfortunately, this lovely little shop is now closed - March 26, 2016

Country Quilting and More, Delburne, Alberta - July 4, 2015

We tried to reach Country Quilting and More before closing but we knew we were out of time when at 4:55 pm the road sign said 29 km. We didn't give up. We called the store, told her we were on a Row by Row shop hop and asked if she could wait for us. Absolutely! You've just got to love quilters - not to mention car phones! By the time we got to the store, checked everything out, bought our Row by Row kits, talked the talk, bought more fabric, and picked out some patterns it was nearly an hour after closing. I sure hope she didn't have a special Saturday night dinner planned. Country Quilting and More

The Sugar Pine Company, Canmore, Alberta - July 5, 2015

Sharon and I went to Canmore for lunch and a visit to The Sugar Pine Company. Sharon isn't a quilter so I promised her we wouldn't be long in the store. By the time she wandered around and checked out all the fabric, it was 45 minutes. Sharon likes "moose" and Canmore has "moose everything" - including fabric. It was hard to get her out of there. There was a outdoor Art Market and wandering around I found a quilt ladder. That found it's way to the back of my car. Now I have to rearrange my sewing room to accommodate both the cabinet (from yesterday) and the ladder. The Sugar Pine Company

Rumpled Quilt Skins, Okotoks, Alberta - July 11th, 2015

First on my list today was Rumpled Quilt Skins a quaint shop that calls the 110 year old Wentworth Building home. They have now had over 200 quilters pick up their Row by Row kits. They didn't order the License Plates this year. Rumpled Quilt Skins hosts an annual Quilt Stroll held in conjunction with Olde Towne Okotoks Show and Shine. The quilts are on display inside and outside businesses along North Railway Street. Rumpled Quilt Skins

Rumpled Quilt Skins, Okotoks, Alberta

Chinook Fabrics, High River - July 11th, 2015

One of my favourite stores, Chinook Fabrics is truly a "Story of Survival". Established in 1975, it is one of the oldest fabric stores in Alberta. Chinook Fabrics goal is to give you a warm feeling every time you visit. Mission accomplished. Owner, Lucie DuSablon bought the store in 2012 and had barely settled in when the 2013 great flood ravished her beautiful shop. The flood was the worst in Alberta's history. The town of High River was evacuated after flooding of the Highwood River caused water to rise over the top of vehicles in the town's main streets. Chinook Fabrics

Kalm Quilting and Fabrics, Brooks, Alberta - July 11th, 2015

Kalm quilting carries everything quilting. Their Row by Row tells the story of Brooks and its transition from the arrival of the railway to a thriving town. Although this main street store is small, they more than make up for size with their great selection of fabrics. I bought some flannel from the new arrival of Arctic Antics by Wilmington Prints. Kalm Quilting and Fabrics

Crazi Quilters Lair, Medicine Hat, Alberta - July 11th, 2015

My final stop of the day was Crazi Quilters Laid on Kingsway Avenue in Medicine Hat. I ended up buying more of the Arctic Antics material, a book and a kit for a pillow case. It was 4:30 before I headed back to Calgary - all in all a really good road trip. Crazi Quilters Lair

Send it Home, West Yellowstone, Montana - July 26, 2015

This shop was fortunately open on Sundays so it became the first stop for us to pick up a Row by Row kit and fat quarters. I also purchased their license plate "Caught Quilting". We didn't spend too much time in the store as we were a bit pressed for time. We wanted to get through Yellowstone National Park before stopping for the night. Send it Home

Friends & Co. Quilt Shop, Cody, Wyoming - July 27, 2015

Our first stop today was at the quilt shop to collect more Row by Row, their licence plate and fat quarters. Karen bought two more fat quarters and I bought one for Jennifer's quilt. They were out of kits for the Row by Row but they will ship it to me once their new order comes in. I did manage to get the pattern and buy a licence plate. Friends & Co. Quilt Shop

Dakota Quilt Company, Spearfish, South Dakota - July 28, 2015

Our first stop before heading out on the highway was the quilt shop to pick up our fat quarters. I also purchased their Row by Row kit. They didn't have any license plates left so I missed out. They have more on order but I didn't leave my name for the mailing list. Dakota Quilt Company

Expressions In Threads, LeClair, Iowa - July 29, 2015

LeClair is fairly large but we found the shop without any problems. We purchased our fat quarters, their Row by Row pattern and a licence plate. We also bought the material for the back of Karen's quilt. We spent more time in the store than we had planned, but it was well worth it. They had racks of panels but I didn't go through them. Karen commented that we would never get out of there if I started that. She was probably right. Expressions In Threads

Quilter's Garden, Princeton, Illinois - July 29, 2015

Quilter's Garden is right on main street so we had no trouble finding it. I think we could have spent all day in this beautiful shop. Karen found her fat quarters right away and I bought their Row by Row kit and license plate. We also bought kits for some unique table runners. They have a huge map to pin all their visitors. We were the first from Calgary which was cause for celebration for them. Quilter's Garden

Their Row by Row features the covered bridge on the north side of town. I thought it would be great to get a picture of the bridge but the road to it was under construction and closed.

The Red Covered Bridge

The Red Covered Bridge is over Big Bureau Creek, north of Princeton. It was originally built in 1863 and is one of five remaining covered bridges in Illinois, and it is still open to traffic. The bridge was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on April 23, 1975. The sign on the Bridge says "Five dollars fine for driving more than twelve horses, mules or cattle at one time or for leading any beast faster than a walk on or across this Bridge."

The Red Covered Bridge, Princeton, Illinois

Creekbank Sewing Machine Shop,
Mount Forrest, Ontario - July 31, 2015

After driving for several miles down country backroads, we found the shop. It is on a working Mennonite farm. The shop has a large classroom area, a longarm machine, sewing machines, and a good selection of all things "quilting". Karen bought two more fat quarters. I bought their Row by Row and license plate. Their Row by Row has a Mennonite style horse and buggy appliqué. Creekbank Sewing Machine Shop

Creekbank Sewing Machine Shop, Mount Forrest, Ontario

Mothers' Fabrics, Wiarton, Ontario - August 1, 2015

I went to the shop while Karen and Birdie were visiting Mel. The shop is right on main street and easy to find. I bought their Row by Row kit and a fat quarter for Jennifers quilt. They have two licence plates - Sew Clever and Frayed Nerves. I bought both of them. They gave me the fat quarters for $2.00 each because it was only one day off my birthday month. Mothers' Fabrics

Shoreline Quilts, Port Elgin, Ontario - August 1, 2015

This is a great shop right on main street Port Elgin. We ended up spending a bit of extra time browsing. I bought my fat quarter, the Row by Row kit and their license plate - Row 2 Shoreline. Karen bought 4 fat quarters and Birdie ended up buying two panels. Shoreline Quilts

Quilters Nine Patch, Elmira, Ontario - August 2, 2015

It was Sunday so we were glad they were open. This quaint shop had a good selection of fabric - especially the 30's fabric. Karen found her fat quarters right away but mine took a bit longer. They didn't have a lot of really bright themes. I bought their Row by Row and license plate. Quilter Nine Patch

Field's Fabrics, Kalamazoo, Michigan - August 3, 2015

Field's Fabrics, based in Grand Rapids Michigan, started in 1953 and now has seven retail store locations throughout the West Michigan area. This store was right around the corner from our hotel. I was huge and hundreds of rows of fabric. It didn't take long for us to find our fat quarters. I bought their Row by Row and license. Field's Fabrics of Kalamazoo

The Quilt Shop, Middlebury, Indiana - August 3, 2015

This shop is right in the heart of Amish Country. There was a horse and buggy parked outside the shop. The shop has several beautiful hand made quilts for sale. We bought our fat quarters and their Row by Row. They were out of license plates. I also bought a 20 fat quarter bundle called "Lancaster". It was hard not to get inspired in this shop. The Quilt Shop

Sew Sweet Quilt Shop,
Brunswick, Missouri - August 4, 2015

This shop was right on main street. Even though we knew we were going to get our Missouri Row by Row, we decided to stop. We're glad we did. The shop is absolutely beautiful with two full levels of fabric. We purchased our fat quarters, the Row by Row and some backing material. We had a hard time leaving. Karen particularly liked their new wooden floor and spent more time talking renovations than quilts. Sew Sweet Quilt Shop

Sew Sweet Quilt Shop, Brunswick Missouri

Missouri Star Quilt Company, Hamilton, Missouri - August 4, 2015

Hypothetically, I'm not sure if Missouri Star is in Hamilton or Hamilton is in Missouri Star. With the exception of a few other shops, restaurants, and offices, the entire heart of main street is Missouri Star. A family business, employing over 150 people, Missouri Star has six separate stores - the main shop, the solids and fillers store, a seasonal shop, batiks boutique, reproduction fabrics, and novelty fabrics.

A busload of ladies arrived just after we did and Jenny was there for a meet and greet. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get through the throng of fans and meet her personally. We browsed through four of the shops and purchased our fat quarters. I bought the Row by Row kit. They were out of license plates. Missouri Star Quilt Company

Out Back Quilt Shop, Troy, Kansas - August 4, 2015

This shop was just inside the Kansas border. We managed to get there shortly after 4 pm so we were able to pick up our fat quarters and Row by Row for Kansas. I also picked up a licence plate. It was nice visiting with the shop owner. She showed us four license plates she had just received a a present from a friend who travelled in Alaska. Out Back Quilt Shop

Na-La's Quilt Shoppe, Fountain, Colorado - August 5, 2015

We decided to go to this shop because the address was on Main Street. Only problem was that we couldn't find Main Street. Fountain was quite big so we had to stop at a gas station to get instructions. Then - easy peasy! We bought our fat quarters and I bought their Row by Row kit and another kit for a pouch and their license plate. We were there a bit longer than we planned but it was worth it. Na-La's Quilt Shoppe

It's Sew Moab, Moab, Utah - August 7, 2015

We slept in until 10:00 so we went to the quilt shop before leaving town. It was supposed to open at 10:00 and we waited until almost 11:00 before giving up. Hopefully we can get them to mail the Row by Row. I'll phone when we get home. It's Sew Moab

Mom's Crafts and Fabrics, Delta, Utah - August 7, 2015

We were happy to find a store in Delta so we have our fat quarters and Row by Row from Utah. This fantastic store is owned by Peggy and her daughter Lyla. I'll have to remember to stop here when I travel south. Peggy designs and sells her quilt patterns. She is currently working on a series of small quilts about table runner size for every month. These little quilts are quite unique. Next time I pass through the area I'll buy the patterns. Mom's Crafts and Fabrics.

The No. 1 Ladies Quilt Shop, Dillon, Montana - August 8, 2015

What a delightful shop this is right on main street Dillon, Montana. We stopped in Dillon for gas so took the extra time to visit the quilt shop. We picked up our fat quarters and Row by Row. They were out of license plates so I ordered one. They will mail it to me when their shipment comes in. No. 1 Ladies Quilt Shop

2016 - Row by Row™

Row by Row - Home Sweet Home - 2016

3,122 quilt shops in the across the USA, Canada and Europe participated this year. This is the second year that I'm rolling along the Row by Row Trail. Last year I discovered one little problem - I don't really like appliqué. As a solution I'm just going to do those rows that are very unique or have a special interest to me. It may take me 5 years to do one quilt. Another thought - get Karen (who thinks she likes appliqué) to do them for me! Well, it works for me. Now I just need to convince Karen.

2016 Theme from Timeless Treasures

The 2016 theme is Home Sweet Home featuring fun fabric coordinates by Debra Gabel for Timeless Treasures. There are 4 feature fabrics and huge selection of coordinating fabrics.

There is also a free Row by Row™ Home Sweet Home coordinated Tote Bag pattern by Linda Turner Griepentrog. The bag is 14" wide x 16" high and 4" deep. 2016 Tote Bag Pattern.

2016 Fabric- Home Sweet Home

My Sewing Room, Calgary, Alberta - June 28, 2016

I purchased my first kit tonight from My Sewing Room. I also bought two license plates - My Sewin' Room and Go'n Sew'n. Sally and I were at the store to pick out some material for the Kiddy Kat Quilts we needed to make - one for her friend's cat, Snowball who just had surgery, and one for my sisters's cat, Thomas Ike. My Sewing Room

The Creative Needle - Shelby, Montana - July 2, 016

I've decided to collect polka dot fabric fat quarters on this trip - all different colours. I managed to get to the shop before closing and was able to have a nice visit with the owner. I picked up their Row by Row pattern and a licence plate. They have two different designs - one vertical and one horizontal. The shop was easy to find. It is right on main street with lots of parking. The Creative Needle

Ladybugz Quilt and Company - Montrose, Colorado - July 5, 2016

Originally opened in 2011, Ladybugz Quilt & Co. changed ownership in 2013 to continue providing the Montrose, CO, community with a distinctive selection of the industry's finest fabrics, notions, and other sewing essentials.

This lovely shop is in a quaint house right on the main street. What a great shop. There are five rooms each with it's own theme - Kansas Troubles, Batik, Baby, 30's and the Colors. The main entrance room has a mixture. I visited with Sue, the owner, picked up my fat quarter, the row by row kit, and license plate. Ladybugz
Kansas Troubles Room
Children's Room

Stitch - Durango, Colorado - July 5, 2016

Lots of choices for my polka dot fat quarter at this shop. I picked up their row by row pattern and license plate. I also bough a plastic zip pouch to keep all the fat quarters together. Stitch

This shop was just off the highway and quite easy to find. Getting back onto the highway was a bit tricky and I ended up having to head north to get turned around - which I ended up doing by going the wrong way on a one way street. The locals didn't seem to care; they just waited for me to get the heck out of their way.

Martha's Fabric Store, Ruidoso, NM - July 6, 2016

I drove the 15 miles south from Capitan to go to this shop. The scenery along hwy 48 was quite a change from today's desert drive. Ruidoso is a ski area with a booming town to go with it - apparently both summer and winter.

This store, along with another one in Artesia has been in existence for over 45 years. The shop is an "everything" shop - not just quilting. They have home decor, furniture, gifts, and everything sewing. I bought my fat quarter and their licence plate. Martha, at the age of 87, still continues to work in her store at Ruidoso. Martha's Fabrics

Calico Cow Quilt Shop, Roswell, New Mexico - July 6, 2016

With a name that I just had to check it out. The store was right on main street about one block north of the Alien Museum. I found it with no trouble at all. I bought my fat quarter, an Alien quilt pattern and the licence plate. I also bought the kit. I thought it looked pretty unique. Calico Cow Quilt Shop

Serenity Quilts of Many Colors, Brady, Texas - July 7, 2016

This shop is right on hwy 87 (Bridge Street through the town). I found not only my one fat quarter - but a few more - depending on what you define as "few".

Their row by row is truly unique. You have to hand color the four pictures. I bought the license plate and the kit but they also gave me a copy of the pattern to give to a friend. Serenity Quilts of Many Colors

One Quilt Place, Fredericksburg, TX - July 8, 2016

This beautiful shop is located on one of the original 10 acre homesteads a couple of miles southwest of main street Fredericksburg. The original log cabin built in 1883 is still on the property. They had a wonderful selection of fabric and I found my fat quarter - and then some. Their row by row is vertical and features a stone cottage. I also purchased their license plate. One Quilt Place

Valli and Kim Quilt Shop, Dripping, Texas - July 8, 2016

This shop was right on highway 290 so totally easy to find. What a great shop. I'm glad I didn't miss it. I found my fat quarter and picked the " Stitchn N Dripn" license plate. Valli and Kim

Cotton Candy Quilt Shoppe, Muncie, Indiana - July 12, 2016

Becky and I headed to Muncie to visit this shop. I picked up two fat quarters, the licence plate, and their Row by Row. Becky had never visited this store and now she wants to go back and pick up her own. I suggested she take the classes. Another quilter in the works. Cotton Candy Quilt Shoppe

Sew Biz - Marion, Indiana - July 12, 2016

We dragged Bill with us to this shop. Getting him out of the car didn't happen. Becky and I promised we wouldn't take too long - but that didn't happen either. What a wonderful shop. I found three fat quarters, bought their Row by Row and a licence plate. It's the best I've seen so far - "Fabric Floozy". We left the store, got in the car, started to drive away and Becky stopped, turned around, went back into the shop and bought their row by row kit. We waited and waited and finally I had to go into the store and drag her out. Yep, another quilter is born. Sew Biz

Engine House Quilt Shop, Berne, Indiana - July 13, 2016

This shop was first on my list and the last shop before leaving Indiana. It is in the old fire station building right on Main Street - therefore the name, Engine House. This is a small shop packed full of wonderful things. I managed to find my fat quarters just fine, bought their Row by Row and license plate. Engine House Quilt Shop

The Quilt Shoppe, Bryan, Ohio - July 13, 2016

This shop is located in the town square. It amazes my how many small towns still have a legitimate "town square" and this is one of them. They remind me of the Dukes of Hazzard. This is a fantastic shop. I ended up buying some unique polka dots and some matching fabric. I can see another one hour basket happening soon. I bought their Row by Row kit and license plate. The Quilt Shoppe

Sew Crazy, Lapeer, Michigan - July 14, 2016

I had to call to get directions to the shop but I wanted to see Lapeer because my great grandmother was from there. I purchased my fat quarter and picked up their Row by Row kit. They didn't have license plates this year. They had a great selection of polka dot fabric. Of course I left with more than one. The owner directed me to two more shops in the area - even drew me a map. Sew Crazy

The Pincushion, Imlay City, Michigan - July 14, 2016

I had a bit of difficulty getting to this shop as there was a complete detour of Almont Avenue and I wasn't sure where it was going to lead me. Fortunately, it brought me to the exact street I needed to find. The have two Row by Row patterns. I bought their kit - Hive Sweet Home and their license plate. The Pincushion

Stitchin' at the Barn, Imlay City, Michigan - July 14, 2016

This large shop is more than just quilting. There were all kinds of fabric plus machines and accessories. They have a whole rack of polka dots so picking out a couple was easy. I picked up their Row by Row pattern but they don't have license plates. Stitchin' at the Barn

Shoreline Quilts, Ontario - July 15, 2016

This shop was right on main street, packed full of goodies just waiting for us. I found more fat quarters but also bought some Kansas Troubles fabric for a class I'm taking in the fall. Why would I buy Kansas Trouble fabric in Port Elgin when we plan to visit the actual Kansas Trouble shop in Kansas? Damned if I know - but I did. We all got their Row by Row pattern and I bought their licence plate. Shoreline Quilts

Carol is buying blue material to add to some fabric she brought from home. The pattern for this quilt is "Cabin Fever" by Judy Niemeyer. She is also buying red fat quarters for Deb's Tucker's "Northern Neighbours" pattern. This quilt features maple leaves and flying geese. Northern Neighbours - Studio 180 Designs

Scribble Script

Carol bought a half metre of fabric with writing on it for her Guild Challenge. The fabric "Head of the Class - Scribble Script". The challenge is to make anything quilted with material with writing or words on it. She is going to add some navy fabric. She is going to make the Go and Grow Bag by Laura Ann Coia - Sew Very Easy. Go and Grow Bag Pattern

Creekbank Sewing Machine Shop, Mount Forest, Ontario - July 15, 2016

Karen and I visited this shop last year. It is such a unique shop that I suggested we go there today. We had to call them to get directions and Carol managed to get us there with no difficulty. Her words as we turned into the farm were something like "o ye, of little faith". Creekbank Sewing Machine Shop

I picked up two kits - one for both Karen and I. Their Row by Row has a bird house with birds and flowers in the middle and two stars on each end. We asked what the name of the star block was but she wasn't really sure. She thought it might be on they designed themselves. In addition to the fat quarters, I also purchased a kit with purple, white and lime green fabrics. It is really a pretty quilt. Creekbank Sewing Machine Shop

Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop, Seaforth, Ontario, July 16, 2016

This shop was right on main street. A lady at the Dollar Store gave us good directions. The store had a large selection of coordinated fabrics along with hand stitching supplies and patterns. I found my polka dots. Carol added a new color (lime green) to go with her Cabin Fever quilt and she picked up a red fat quarter to add to her Northern Neighbours quilt. She also bought a guide of Crazy Quilt Stitches. I bought their Row by Row kit and a licence plate. Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop

Kalidoscope of Quilts, Exeter, Ontario, July 16, 2016

Once again the shop was right on main street. She was just closing when we got there but she stayed open long enough for us to find our fat quarters. I bought their licence plate and Row by Row kit. It is a mixture of stitching and wool appliqué. Kalidoscope of Quilts

Creative Quilts Kits, Brighton, Michigan - July 17, 2016

We phoned ahead to get directions to this shop. They had several versions of their Row by Row. They all had the word "home" with the Great Lakes in the center but different finishing kits to chose from. Carol and I bought the border that had quilt blocks on it. They also had several license plates. I bought the one that said "Sew Unstabilized". We pasted it on the back window of our car. Creative Quilt Kits

Carol started a new color - orange - to add to her Cabin Fever quilt. She also purchased two more greens. They also had the same fabric line as her Christmas Placemats so she was able to buy enough fabric for the binding.

I bought a a black metal hanger that said Row by Row 2016 on it for a small vertical hanging quilt. Carol suggested this would be a great hanger for the licence plates.

We saw a sample of the Tarnished Windmill quilt by Judy Niemeyer. It was black and white with a touch of red and absolutely gorgeous. Tarnished Windmill

The Quilting Season, Saline, Michigan - July 17, 2016

This shop is definitely warm and friendly. Mary, the owner, greeted us at the door and the shopping was on. I picked up 4 polka dot fat quarters, their license plate, and I bought the pattern "Braggin Pole #2" by Patch Abilities Inc.

We also bought the "Fat Quarter Pop-Up" kit. Carol bought another teal fat quarter for the Cabin Fever quilt. She also bought a mini pattern kit.

Yoder Department Store, Shipshewana, Indiana - July 18, 2016

First on our list this morning was Shipshewana. We decided to do Middlebury once we got back. This store like a mercantile including food, bakery, deli, household goods toys, and fabric. It was full of various types of fabrics and all gadgets sewing. Yoder Department Store

Spector's Dry Goods Store, Shipshewana, Indiana, July 18, 2016

Spector's was right across the street from Yoder. It just had the basics and appeared to cater to the Amish clientele. It also had some pre-made clothing. They did not have a lot of fabric selection but what they did have all matched.

The Cotton Corner, Shipshewana, Indiana - July 18, 2016

This shop had a really nice Judy Niemeyer Tarnished Windmill. It was done in black and white with a touch of red, creating a stunning quilt. Unfortunately they were sold out of the pattern. Carol managed to find the fabric to bind her cardinal placemats. The Cotton Corner

Lolly's Fabrics & Quilts, Shipshewana, Indiana - July 18, 2016

This is a huge shop with virtually every line of fabric available interspaced with gift items. We ran into a groups of ladies from Michigan on a guild outing. We chatted quilt stores, had a few laughs, and bid them safe travels. Lolly's Fabrics & Quilts

The Quilt Shop, Middlebury, Indiana - July 18, 2016

We arrived back in Middlebury with enough time to wander through the gift store. The Quilt Shop in Essenhaus is small but makes up for it in a great inventory to chose from. I bought a gold Christmas Panel. We both bought our fat quarters and picked up the Row by Row. The Quilt Shop

Pumpkinvine Quilting, Middlebury, Indiana - July 19, 2016

This shop is a hop and a skip west of Essenhaus. It was a nice modern store. We quite enjoyed the variety available. I found a metal 2016 Row by Row metal hanger for vertical Row by Row patterns. Pumpkinvine Quilting

Lavender Patch Fabric & Quilts, Bristol, Indiana - July 19, 2016

This shop was right on the highway. By the time we left, I had purchased a miniature Stitchwell sewing machine in it's original box. The Stitchwell Toy Sewing Machine by the National Sewing Machine Co. in Belvedere, Illinois dates from the 1920's. It is cast iron and a nice looking as well as nicely designed machine. It pretty much marks the end of an era. After this most cast iron toy sewing machines disappeared as manufacturers turned to less expensive materials like sheet steel. It was manufactured by National Sewing Company in Belvidere, Illinois. We also bought tiny crocheted flowers to take home to our "Riper Group". Lavender Patch Fabric and Quilts

Sew Creative Threads
Elkhart, Indiana - July 19, 2016

We were greeted by Zeke, the official shop dog. They are expanding their shop and had just received their new cabinets so everything was shoved to the side to make room for the boxes. It was like an obstacle course. That didn't deter us though. We still managed to find our treasures. Carol found some fabric with road trip sayings. Apparently, they one rule - you can't get out the door without your picture being taken. They also gave us a letter opener. Sew Creative

The Thread Shed - Rochester, Indiana - July 19, 2016

This small shop is right on main street so we found it right away. It was just before closing but the owner was kind enough to let us in. She was waiting for a sewing group to arrive anyway. We picked up pre-quilted fabric to make one hour baskets. I picked a red and white. Carol got a black and white. The Thread Shed

Threads of Time, Danville, Illinois - July 20, 2016

This is everyone's quilt store dream. The in-store retreat center accommodates 36 people. There are huge sewing and classroom areas and three kitchens. This retreat is like a hotel. You can stay one night, a weekend or all week. Come alone or come with friends, park yourself at a table and quilt to your hearts content. They provide large cutting tables, ironing boards, irons, and of course, whatever you need for supplies right there in the store.

We met and chatted with several of the ladies. One group of friends said they go there two or three times every month. We had a hard time leaving and briefly tossed around the idea of staying the night but in the end said goodbye to our new quilting friends and headed back to the highway.

Carol bought five fat quarters and a yard of black and white fabric. I bought enough fabric to make a whole quilt. The pattern is Woodland Forest by Blank Quilting. It seems like I am transgressing because I'm going to make an Irish Chain - back to "quilting first class". I also bought a bag but Carol snapped it up to use for her fabric purchases for the rest of the trip. Threads of Time

Homestead Hearth, Mexico, Missouri - July 21, 2016

We had to back track to get to this shop but it was one that was recommended highly so we figured the 20 or so miles would be worth it and we could proceed north from there. From the outside, we were wondering if we had the right store but once inside we were surprised to find a good variety of fabrics. We picked up our fat quarters and Row by Row. Carol found a grab bag of wool scraps. Homestead Hearth

Material Girl Quilt Shop, Centralia, Missouri - July 21, 2016

This shop was right after Mexico housed in a quaint store just off main street so we stopped for a short time. Carol added to her stash - a yard of blue fabric. I bought some gun material for backing, a pink polka dot fat quarter, and their Row by Row. Their license plate says "Must Stash". I also bought some patters that were designed by the owner. Material Girl Quilt Shop

Sew Sweet Quilt Shop, Brunswick, Missouri - July 21, 2016

Karen and I went to this shop last year and since it was on our way, we decided to stop and shop. It is absolutely one of the nicest stores along the way and well worth taking the time to visit. When we finally exited with our goodies, it was well after noon. In addition to the Row by Row, I bought a birdie quilt kit. Carol bought the other half of my navy and teal fat quarter and continued to add to her Splendid Sampler. Sew Sweet Quilt Shop

Missouri Star, Hamilton, Missouri - July 21, 2016

Carol found it tough at Missouri Star as we hit it on a day with 109° and 100% humidity. Couple that with the fact that we had to go outside and walk the street to get to different stores, Carol's energy (and enthusiasm) dropped drastically.

We did however, manage to visit all fourteen shops and Carol found the two rulers she was searching for. She also bought some charms packs and found some material to repair Rebecca's purse. I bought the license plate and more polka dot fat quarters.

When I was at this shop last year, they had six separate stores and that was overwhelming. Now they have fourteen stores and it is beyond overwhelming. It's totally mind-boggling. It is like no other quilt shop you will ever find. Each store is separate. You cannot take bolts from one store to the other to build up a stack for a pattern. You have to pay for each cut before leaving the store. It's like buying a dress in a dress shop, then going to four more stores to get shoes, hosiery, jewelry and a hat to match. I can't build a quilt that way. I need to see it all at once - then start cutting. Missouri Star

Missouri Star was on my bucket list, Carol's bucket list and just about every quilter's bucket list. It is worth driving the extra miles to take in the Missouri Star Experience. Been There Done That!

The fourteen stores include:
  • Main Shop
  • Penney's Quilt Shop (colors & solids)
  • Seasonal
  • Mercantile (1930's and Civil War)
  • Batik Boutique
  • Licenced to Sew (sports, cartoons, movies)
  • Machine Shed (sewing machines & notions)
  • Kids & Baby
  • Modern
  • Backing & Trims
  • Primitives & Wool
  • Florals
  • Sewing Center (retreats & gatherings)
  • Man's Land (pool tables, recliners & TV's)

Material Girls Quilt Shop, Abilene, Kansas - July 22, 2016

We were really impressed with this shop and especially the embroidered patterns she sells for another lady. I found a couple of unique panels, a polka fat quarter, the Row by Row with a crocheted butterfly and their license plate. Carol bought three fat quarters to go with her Cabin Fever quilt and a grey one just because. Material Girls Quilt Shop

Welcoming Committee - Robert

Kansas Troubles Quilters
Bennington, Kansas - July 22, 2016

Today one of our bucket list items was fulfilled. Heading to this store has to be every quilter's dream. Our experience started with Jackie laughing with us on the phone on being lost and how she is not that good with directions but Robert is. Robert was just as nice and directed us via roads and landmarks (red barn), ending with him standing on the corner awaiting us. Now is that not going above and beyond since the temperature was 104° degrees outside?

Once inside a nice cool store we beheld an interior full of Kansas Troubles eye candy. This small store was full of every Kansas Troubles lover's dreams. Everywhere you looked were vignettes of quilts or articles surrounded by their patterns or books, kits, precuts and accessories. Shopping was easy and the staff fun to work with. You had everything needed at your fingertips. Robert and Jackie cashed us out and even put up with our quirks of having things organized for the upcoming border crossing into Canada. Robert even checked on us after we had been sitting in our car for about 20 minutes after we had left. We assured him we were fine, just trying to find a hotel on the route he suggested we take. Kansas Troubles can be proud of their staff and their product. No wonder it is our favourite line of fabric. Kansas Troubles Quilters

Prairie Cactus

I bought a kit for a wall hanging and matching layer cakes and charms from the new line Prairie Cactus some fat eights, a pattern and their Row by Row. Carol bought seven fat eights, four long quarters, one long eighth, one half yard and two patterns. Kansas Troubles Prairie Cactus

"Prairie Cactus was inspired by the spike-y little cactus with bright red blooms that poke thru the snowy fields each winter in Kansas. The Fabric line includes 31 prints - 10 tans, 4 golds, 6 reds, 6 greens, and 5 blacks." I think I was drooling.

Quilt Cabin, Colby, Kansas - July 23, 2016

This store was housed in it's own log cabin and on the front carved in wood were evergreen trees and a bear statue. I bought a chicken panel to make placemats and a flannel Halloween panel for my quilt hanger. Carol bought four fat quarters to her Cabin Fever quilt. Their Row by Row had chickens on it. Quilt Cabin

You Keep Me In Stitches, Wray, Colorado - July 23, 2016

This was a nice bright store with lots of samples. Carol bought two mini charm packs. I found more polka dot fabric and bought the license plate. I also found a small wooden plaque that says "my Longarm is my Friend and my Enemy". I can certainly relate to that. You Keep Me In Stitches

Creative Closet, Townsend, Montana - July 25, 2016

We were happy today was Monday and that meant shops would be open again. We had a bit of difficulty finding this store. It was tucked in a strip mall just off the main road. The store was bright and had a great selection of fabrics. We picked up their Row by Row and I bought a license plate. and of course - more polka dots.

The Quilt-A-Way
Great Falls Montana - July 25, 2016

I've been to this shop so many times, I thought I could drive right to it but so much for my memory. We had to look up the address and then found it with no problem. The Quilt-A-Way is responsible for me quilting. This was one of the first quilts shops I ever went into. I stayed in Great Falls on one of my trips and went there actually looking to buy a quilt.

It was this store that told me that there were quilt classes offered by most stores and that gave me the idea to learn how. I went home and registered in Quilting First Class at My Sewing Room. We spent more time than we planned but it was hard to leave. There are different sections dedicated to different themes - so much to look at. The Quilt-A-Way

Along Came Quilting - Calgary, Alberta - August 25, 2016

I've been in and out of this store all summer, but it wasn't until today that I picked up their Row by Row pattern and their license plate "Grim Ripper". This is one of three stores I visit frequently. It is the store where my Quilt Guild meets. It is also the meeting place for the charity group Victoria's Quilts, Calgary Branch. Along Came Quilting

2017 - Row by Row™

Row by Row - On the Go - 2017

This is the third year that Row by Row has been in Canada. Last year I decided I really didn't like appliqué. I was just going to do those rows that are very unique or have a special interest to me. Well that didn't work either. The only thing I've done with Row by Row is make the wall hangings from the fabric. This year might be different. I have 7 Row by Row from my trip to Alaska and I want an Alaskan Quilt. I might just get it done this year.

2017 Theme from Timeless Treasures

The 2017 theme is On the Go featuring fun fabric coordinates by Debra Gabel for Timeless Treasures. I bought all the fabric plus a dark blue. Personally, I find the fabric this year lacking. The colors are dull - just a bit boring for my liking. I'll still do a wall hanging though.

There is also a free Row by Row™ One Size Fits All Tote Bag Designed by Linda Turner Griepentrog. 2017 Tote Bag Pattern.

2017 Fabric - On the Go

My Sewing Room, Calgary, Alberta - June 19, 2017

My Sewing Room, as usual, is the first store I visited during Row by Row. Since it's right across the street from me, I'm in there more than any other store. Their Row by Row this year is vertical and features hot air balloons. I resisted buying the kit but I did buy both their licence plates. My Sewing Room

Quilt Kits to Go, Whitefish, Montana - July 2, 2017

Marilynn, Sally Jo Ann and myself headed to Kalispell on the July 1st long weekend to visit quilt shops and pick up Row by Row. Quilt Kits to Go was closed but the owner Peggy, who lives right next door, graciously opened up for us. Sally bought the fabric to complete her Cape Britton Flag quilt, along with the Row by Row. Quilt Kits to Go

Whitefish Quilts, Whitefish, Montana - July 2, 2017

Next we visited Whitefish Quilts, another favourite of ours. The Row by Row is a "Jammer" bus. Marilyn was particularly interested in this Row by Row because she worked at the Prince of Wales Hotel as a young woman. The busses would take tourists from Waterton National Park to Glacier National Park. The fleet of 33 buses in Glacier National Park is widely considered to be the oldest touring fleet of vehicles anywhere in the world. Whitefish Quilts

Jammer Busses at Prince of Wales Hotel

Red Jammer Busses

Red Jammers, originally made by the White Motor Company in the 1930s, are buses used at Glacier National Park to transport park visitors. While the buses are called reds, the bus drivers are called jammers because of the sound the gears made when shifting on the steep roads of the park. The "jamming" sound came from the unsynchronised transmissions, where double-clutching was a must.

Quilt Gallery, Kalispell, Montana - July 2, 2017

Our next stop was The Quilt Gallery in Kalispell. We've been visiting this shop for years but this time we were greeted by a new owner. In early 2017, previous owner Joan Hodgeboom, passed the reigns to Quilt Gallery's new owner, Marianne Buller. Their very creative Row by Row is vertical, depicting the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park. Quilt Gallery

Along Came Quilting, Calgary, Alberta - July 8, 2017

Along Came Quilting is another shop close to my home. Their Row by Row this year is "Up Up and Away"and it is the best one I've seen so far - in all my travels. I resisted buying the kit, but did get the licence plates. Along Came Quilting

Changing Tides Quilt Shop,
Juneau, Alaska - July 17, 2017

The first shop we visited in Alaska was the quilt shop "Changing Tides". I bought both the 2016 and 2017 Row by Row kits. I also bought enough fabric to use as the back of a quilt. The Row by Row patterns each have a saying on them. Changing Tides Quilt Shop

Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska, Skagway, Alaska - July 18, 2017

We managed to get to the shop in time to browse around. I bought the 2016 (Heading Home Sweet Home) and 2017 (The Bear Went Over the Mountain) row by row along with license plates. This store was right off Broadway just a couple blocks from our ship. Rushin' Tailor's Quilt Alaska

Whale's Tail Quilt Shop, Ketchikan, Alaska - July 20, 2017

In Ketchikan, we first went to the Whale's Tail Quilt Shop on the south end of town. I bought the 2017 Row by Row Kit (On the Go, Alaskan Style) and their license plate - Spool On. They gave us directions to another quilt shop. Whale's Tail Quilt Shop

Soft Goods and Green Things Quilt Shop, Ketchikan, Alaska, July 20, 2017

We found the Soft Goods but I'm not sure what the Green Things are. I bought the 2016 and 2017 Row by Row kits and two Licence Plates - Fish 'N' Stitch and Just Trollin'. Soft Goods and Green Things

Christmas Goose, Las Vegas, Nevada - July 27, 2017

I went to Las Vegas to take in some taping of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I was there for three days so had lots of extra time to visit quilt stores. After renting a car, I headed to The Christmas Goose. I ran into some of the ladies I took a course with in the spring. We had a good visit. Their Row by Row is "Let's go Sew". I did buy their kit and a ruler needed to make the background. Christmas Goose

Quiltique, Henderson, Nevada - July 28, 2017

This is a fabulous shop and one of my favorites. The great thing about this shop is their displays. Everything is totally inspiring. It's "fat quarter" heaven. In addition to a huge selection of fabric, notions and kits, they sell machines and furniture. Their Row by Row is "Stop and Smell the Roses". Quiltique

Addie's Creative Fabrics, Cochrane, Alberta - July 30, 2017

Carol's Gang was on Sunday and since I was the only one in class, Carol and I had a good day visiting. Their Row by Row is several blocks surrounded by the license plate fabric. Addie's Creative Fabrics

Sewing Sensation, Calgary, Alberta - August 11, 2017

Sewing Sensation is where I bought my longarm so I visit there quite often. Their Row by Row "On the Go" featured YYC with planes, cars and hot air balloons. They also had two new license plates. I bought both of them. Sewing Sensation

Whitefish Quilts and Gifts, Whitefish, Montana - September 2nd, 2017

Our hotel wasn't ready so we headed to Whitefish Quilts. Marilynn wanted the Jammer Bus because it reminded her of working at Waterton. I bought their license plate. Whitefish Quilts

Glacier Quilts, Kalispell, Montana - September 2nd, 2017

We managed to get to Glacier Quilts before they closed. They didn't have the "voile" that Sally needed. We bought the Row by Row and the license plates. Glacier Quilts

Quilt Gallery, Kalispell, Montana - September 3rd, 2017

We stopped at the Quilt Gallery before heading out of town. They are the only one open on a Sunday. We already had the Row by Row from our visit in July. We had a hard time figuring out what the Row by Row was until we turned it vertical. Surprise! Going to the Sun Road. Marilynn finally found her Purple Thang. Quilt Gallery

Deer Country Quilts, Seeley Lake, Montana - September 3rd, 2017

We didn't know if this shop would be open as it was right in the heart of a wildfire. We phoned ahead and found out that they were open for business - at least until such time as they received mandatory evacuation. The ladies in the shop have already been evacuated from their homes and living with friends and relatives. The fire was within two miles of Seeley Lake. I bought the Row by Row and license plates. Marilynn bought some fat quarters to match her hearts quilt. Deer Country Quilts

Regal Fabrics and Gifts, Spokane, Washington - September 4th, 2017

Unlike other traditional quilt stores, this store was totally into embellishments and hand embroidery. Almost every quilt had some beads, ribbons, bows, plastic and overlays. It was incredibly artistic. I was totally taken by a Christmas quilt by Kimberbell. I bought the book "Jingle all the Way" that has the pattern in it. It also has patterns for table runner, pillow and wall hanging. Regal Fabrics

Bear Paw Quilting & Bernina, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - September 5th, 2017

The rustic setting of this shop with wood trim and antiques matches the Coeur d'Alene mountains and lakes They have a lot batiks and of course Kansas Troubles. We bought the Row by Row and license plates. Bear Paw Quilting

Stitches & Pedals, Moscow, Idaho, September 5th, 2017

As the name implies, this shop has fused fabric and flowers. It was a small shop - not a lot fabric but what she did have was really nice. They had two Row by Row for 2016 and 2017. The 2016 Row by Row featured the rolling hills in the area and the 2017 Row by Row was harvesting the wheat. Where we are used to flat crop fields this area farms in the foothills. There were "hills" that I would not have been able to drive on for fear of tipping over. Stitches & Pedals

Not Quite the End of the Road

Officially our Row by Row touring is over but we still want to visit the shops and see their Row by Row patterns even though we were unable to get them. I would still be able to buy the license plates and of course, we could always buy fabric.

We were still very much "On the Go".

Granny's Attic, McCall, Idaho, September 6, 2017

We arrived at Granny's too late last evening so unfortunately Row by Row was finished. Nevertheless we went back this morning and visited the store. We were greeted by a purple door and a 10 foot sunflower. This is not a big shop but it certainly has a big story. They host quilting tours all over the world. In two years they will be visiting Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island including Anne of Green Gables. The owner, Lori Wagner, designs and publishes her own quilt patterns. She has lost track of how many but her husband says it's over 90 patterns. The decor included dozens of tradition Star Blocks - some of most unique variations we've ever seen. Besides too much fabric, etc., I bought two of her patterns. Marilynn bought Sally some scrap flannel - just as a joke! We only planned on a half hour in McCall this morning, but this store took more than an hour so at 11:00 we headed to the second shop in town - might as well blow the whole morning. Granny's Attic

Huckleberry Patches, McCall, Idaho, September 6, 2017

This shop has a rustic lodge style - totally different from Granny's. There was outdoor, animal and nature fabric, felt, wool, flannel, and embroidery. I bought a Christmas Panel and matching fabric along with the Row by Row license plate. Marilynn started to buy a "River Journey" panel but realized she already has it at home - well, she thinks. So instead of the panel she bought all the matching fabric. (So, what happens if she doesn't have the panel at home?) Huckleberry Patches

Stitch n' Snip, Garden Valley, Idaho, September 6, 2017

We missed our turned completely and once we reached Horseshoe Bend, realized we were 15 miles past the highway to Garden Valley. We were so glad we backtracked to get this store. Unfortunately, it was at this store that my resolve dissolved. I succumbed to temptation and blew the wad. I even registered for the month block of the month delivery of flannel appliqué (what??) Vintage Trucks Thru the Year by Buttermilk Basin. Marilynn must have been in shock watching me arrange for an appliqué block of the month. She only bought three fat quarters. The say on their website "If you need creative inspiration, we have quilting projects displayed in the store". Beware. It's not "creative inspiration". It's a trap! We also bought Sally a kit from SusyBee - Water-Logged. It has a panel surrounded by a whole bunch of half-square triangles. It is a free pattern from the SusyBee Website and would work wonderfully with other panels too. We are sure she'll love it! Stitch n' Snip

Quilt Expressions, Garden City, Idaho, September 6, 2017

This shop is simply beyond belief. The ladies from Stitch n' Snip directed us here. When you enter your can feel the "energy". We were sure there was every bolt of fabric ever manufactured in this store and room to house every single one. In addition to the most fabulous display of fabric, the store also had six full size longarm machines and all the thread and supplies needed for them including racks of 108" fabric. The Row by Row this year was four toilet stalls and four pairs of fancy shoes! We were really disappointed that we were too late although it wouldn't have mattered if we had been on time because she already sold out. I stood for a long time caressing the fabric in the Kansas Troubles corner. Quilt Expressions

Wimmer's Sewing & Vacuum, Layton, Utah - September 7, 2017

This shop did not have much fabric. It was more for longarm supplies and repairs. We were not there long and I even forgot to ask if they had a license plate. This was their first year on Row by Row and their sample was already taken down and they weren't interested in showing it to us. Wimmer's Sewing & Vacuum

Nuttall's Sewing Centers, Layton, Utah - September 7, 2017

It wasn't hard to get inspired by this shop. I bought a Christmas Panel, matching fabric and some gauze. I keep seeing it at the shops and want to see how it does on the longarm. I also bought their license plates. Marilynn bought some zippers and buttons to cover with fabric. She also found some 108" backing material. They had a 40% discount so we left feeling lucky. Nuttall's Sewing Centers

Allen Drug and Variety, Malad City, Idaho - September 8, 2017

We questioned what this shop would look like before we went in but we somehow got "trapped" for at least an hour. I bought two fall panels and yards of material to go with them. Marilynn bought autumn leaves fabric and buttons to cover. Allen Drug and Variety

Daydreams Quilt N Sew, Idaho Falls, Idaho - September 8, 2017

This is a small shop but it has lots of matching fabric - plenty of choices and a good supply of blender fabric. Their Flamingo Row by Row was made into a lap quilt and really quite cute. I bought two license plates and Marilynn bought three - 9" pieces to make placemats and large print twelve inch ruler. Daydreams Quilt N Sew

Brady's, Idaho Falls, Idaho - September 8, 2017

This amazing shop housed, pool tables, hot tubs, exercise equipment, medical equipment, vacuums, water softeners, sewing machines, and a corner for fabric. Surprisingly, the fabric top quality. I bought another Kimberbell book - Sew It by Number: Paper-Piecing Throughout the Year featuring patterns for finished 5", 8" and 9" blocks. I also bought two license plates. Marilynn bought 4 fat quarters for $10.00. Brady's

Porter's, Idaho Falls, Idaho - September 8, 2017

This shop was more like a Joann or Hobby Lobby. There was a lot of good quality fabric. I bought a license plate and Marilynn bought some receiving blanket flannel (why - she doesn't know). We were running low on sugar so our decision making skills were somewhat impaired. The solution at the till - two packages of gummy bears. Porter's

No. 1 Ladies Quilt Shop, Dillon, Montana - September 9, 2017

The owner's name is Veva and she uses Veva la Stitchin' on her business card. There was a box of old fashioned Aunt Martha's Iron On Embroidery patterns which haven't been seen since the sixties. There were Sun Bonnet Girls and Denim Dan, flowers and animals. Marilynn bought Sun Bonnet Sue. No. 1 Ladies Quilt Shop

In the Beginning

For some reason I bought three seasonal kits from In the Beginning by Julie Paschkis. I'm not even sure if I like them - I'm just curious. I will have to pick up the winter one later on.


The Upper Thread Embroidery & Fabric Room, Anaconda, Montana - September 9, 2017

When we first entered the shop we thought we were in the wrong place. It was a clothing store at the front and fabric at the back. They had a pile of panels and Marilynn and I both bought a funky green Witch Panel. I also picked up the license plate. We ran into a lady who had just completed a "peek a boo" quilt that has yo-yos as the center of the star block and small yo-yos as cornerstones It was really quite unique. The Upper Thread

Quilter's Corner Etc., Deer Lodge, Montana - September 9, 2017

This was an amazing shop. It is in an old corner bank building with marble walls and floors. Formerly the Larabie Bros. Bank, the building is a National Historic Site. It was hard to walk away from this shop without buying a lot. Anything displayed in the store was also available as a kit. I bought an 18" hanger and the license plate. Marilynn bought a pattern for a antique sewing machine. We were curious about the castle on the Row by Row but the mystery was solved as we drove down main street. It actually depicts the old Montana Territory prison in the town. It is now a museum. Quilter's Corner

Montana Territorial and State Prison

The "Old Prison" served as the Montana Territorial Prison from its creation in 1871 until Montana achieved statehood in 1889, then continued as the primary penal institution for the State of Montana until 1979. Throughout the prison's history, the institution was plagued with constant overcrowding, insufficient funds, and antiquated facilities. The administration of Warden Frank Conley from 1890 to 1921 proved the exception to this rule, as Warden Conley instituted extensive inmate labor projects that kept many inmates at work constructing the prison buildings and walls as well as providing various state and community services like road building, logging, and ranching. After Conley left office, the prison experienced almost forty years of degeneration, mismanagement, and monetary restraints until an explosive riot in 1959 captured the attention of the nation.

Led by Jerry Myles and Lee Smart, the riot maintained the prison under inmate control for thirty-six hours before the Montana National Guard stormed the institution to restore order. The facility was retired in September 1979, and the inmates were moved to the current prison. The Old Prison was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Larabie Bros Bank

Marble and mahogany inside and very much dignified outside, this former bank was designed by architect Michael Beezer of Seattle and brought to completion in 1912. It was built for S.E. Larabie, one time partner of Butte copper king W. A. Clark. The firm dissolved in the 1880s, with Larabie continuing to run the Deer Lodge bank. Unable to comply with New Deal banking regulations, it closed in 1933.

Quilt Away, Great Falls Montana - September 9, 2017

One more stop before the final stretch to home. We spent a lot of time in this shop. I've been here many times before, but this was Marilynn's first visit. I bought a Halloween Panel and their license plate. Quilt Away


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