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2001 - Mount Rushmore
2002 - Desert Ghost Towns
2003 - Eastern & Southern USA
2005 - Western Road Trip
2006 - Death Valley
2007 - New Orleans
2008 - Route 66 & Tombstone
2009 - Family, Friends & Foliage
2010 - Destination Unknown
2011 - St. Augustine
2012 - Guernsey Ancestry Tour
2013 - Western Giants
2014 - Southwestern
2015 - Mystery Tour
2016 - Double Trouble
2017 - North to Alaska

Been There Did That
2006 - Vegas Connection
2009 - Glacier National Park
2009 - Kelowna
2011 - Patched
2011 - Sprng Breakout
2012 - Spring Breakout
2014 - Las Vegas
2014 - Summer Sizzler
2014 - Fall Fling
2015 - Winter Shop Hop
2015 - Quilt Away
2016 - Quilt Away
2017 - Quilt Away

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Hwy 261
Monument Valley
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Valley of the Gods

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  • Kiddy Kat Quilts
    I set up this site to keep track of my quilting journey. I needed somewhere to brag! With the exception of Row by Row which involves road trips and is documented in Jumpy's Blog, Kiddy Kat Quilts showcases most of my quilting projects along with information about the fun clubs and charties I'm involved with.

  • TouchDown Pages
    A TouchDown page is a landing page for your domain name. If you have a TouchDown page, when someone types your name into the search box the first link on the list will be "www.yourname.com" followed by other sites that you are linked to. A TouchDown page is an effective, inexpensive and competitive alternative to maintaining a full website.

  • Webwork Creations
    This is my main site, my labour of love.

  • Webcreations with Jumpy
    This is my fun site. I doubt it will ever be finished.  It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  It occupies so much of my time that my friends are now calling me a hermit. Please sign my guest book. I'd love to hear from you.
Grama's Websites
  • Travels with Grama
    Visit Karen's travel site. Sometime she has a different perspective on things.

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  • Diabella Loves Cats
    Thanks to Disbella Love Cats for the unique cat graphics and memorial graphic for Miss Kitty.

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    A special thanks to Digi Web Studio for creating the beautifull graphics found all through Jumpy's Blog.

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    Thanks to Margi Harrell for the background music on Miss Kitty's page.


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